The BIX Banner Impressions Exchange will be released May 01 this year


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The BIX (Banner Impressions Exchange) will be released May 01 this year.

At that point all remaining Entrepreneur One's monthly subscription will go to $1,500.00 per month*.

All current Entrepreneur One subscribers will remain at $100 as long as kept in good standing. (I think you know what that means. Dont let your monthly subscription fail, it will double your subscription).

We will also be building an Entrepreneur One exchange shortly after we sell the last of the 500 memberships. This exchange will let you transfer your Entrepreneur One membership to any other Markethive member at any fee you wish to charge. (This makes it interesting to buy more than one) Let the open market do what it does.

Take into consideration what the big boys sell their impressions for display advertising. 

Top sites CPM rates like the

Right now Markethive is receiving (and growing) on average 65 million impressions per month according to WorthofWeb. These numbers reflect our internal data.

By the end of the year we project our impressions to be on par with Cointelegraph with 350 million impressions per month according toWorthofWeb

For comparisons the website whom we got banner CPM rates from receives 13 million impressions per month according toWorthofWeb.

*Based on this data, selling your share of Markethive impressions (based on the max 500 E1 members) as it reports today would net you according to the pricing the Chronical has published would be $8,500 per month
65,000,000 ÷ 500 = 130,000 (impressions) x $66 cpm = $8,580 per month

Based on our projections to hit Alexa@2,163 (COINTELEGRAPH's rank) Markethive impressions (based on the max 500 E1 members) would net you according to the pricing the Chronical has published would be $46,200 per month
350,000,000 ÷ 500 = 1,300.000 (impression) x $66 cpm = $46,200 per month

Based on the Chronicals data Alexa@15,778 as Markethiveh impressions (based on the max 500 E1 members) would net you $1,700 per month
13 million ÷ 500 = 26,000 (impressions) x $66 cpm = $1,700 per month.

The new Markethive Banner Impression Exchange is like a Franchise. We do all the work, drive the traffic and you sell your share of impressions for the price you set. Keep all you sell, pay one small flat monthly fee. Partners! Deal? Right now, before we launch each Entrepreneur One will receiver 150,000 impressions to sell (or use). CPM average is $66 on most similar sites as ares or even more. That is projected to earn $8,500 per month. This is an assumption based on provable facts.

We want a strong, streamline, bold and effective exchange. This is were you come in.

We are opening the system to select Entrepreneuer Members to test and report for the remainder of the month. You must agree to publish daily (often) your imput, impressions and opinions of your activity to help us complete the selling of the remainder of the Entrepreneur One memberships. You must also agree to be interviewd and recoreded for Markethive marketing purposes. We also recognized a few of you wish to retain anonimity and for those that do, we will blur your images  in the videos and label you as the Unknown Markethiver.

Those who are choosen and complete the tasks, show up for the meetings and work with us, will also be rewarded  in coins and fractions (.1) of an ILP. 

Here we go folks. This is major accomplishment in delivering our first money machine. Imagine when we have delivered 10 of them!

I will be adding links in the Group Newsfeed for your refresahment of what we are building here and I will also be uploading my MEMEs I have made to promote the BIX and upgrading to the E1.

Tally ho!

Join the group here 

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