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You can remain a free member earning $0.01 daily or you can use your $2 (if you choose not to withdraw) to stake in Pool 1 to be earning $0.10 daily.


Best option is to stake in Pool 6, where you would be earning $5+ daily. Remember, any money used in staking remains your money, which you can withdraw anytime. See the table below for details.


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From the table above, you see that it costs a total of $100 to stake in all the pools (1-6). Staking in Pool 6 gives you the maximum benefits and earnings. The Good News is that you can pay Cryptos via coin payments without any geographical restrictions. Then from the second month, you begin to pay with WESA tokens from your account balance.


Staking at Pool 6 will make you eligible to earn $5 daily and $150 monthly just for logging into the system daily. Just make sure that, whenever you log in, read any messages you see there to earn you extra Money. 


Yes, you can also post (advertise) your own messages for others to read.


If you stake at Pool 6 (Elite member), the amount of money you will earn monthly will be more than $150, because earnings from the other 5 ways will be calculated and added to your balance. Plus, if you have some referrals, your monthly Earning Potential is unlimited.


Note: You do not need to refer anyone to Make Money with WSA. However, if you do refer others, the reward is HUGE.


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